Trump effect has brought the outdated opinions to life here in New Zealand

Talking to friends and observing social media commentators it has become clear that alot of New Zealanders are delusional. It seems the hate for Hillary Clinton has caused many people to believe Trump is some symbol of hope. I’ve noticed a string of sexist comments about women from his supporters here in New Zealand after the recent leak of his blunt, obnoxious comments regarding sexual advances without consent.

Trump speaks about making America great again. America hasn’t been “great” since the 1950’s and there is no way people should support a man who wants to literally take the country back 60 years. His comments regarding minorities proves his stance on anyone who isn’t a white male. He has mocked a disabled reporter, called Mexicans criminals, talked about sexually assaulting someone because he is famous, insulted women’s looks, pointed out token African American supporters in his crowd and referred to them as “his African American”. I could go on and on and on.

Despite all of this, you will still see and hear people talking about how the media has rigged the election, the media across the world works for Hillary and anyone who thinks trump is offensive is just too PC. Personally I am not disabled but if I were and saw a major United States presidential candidate mocking a reporter for being disabled, I would be highly offended and anyone who thought I was being PC would have another thing coming. No one is allowed to decide what isn’t offensive especially if you are not apart of the group hes inadvertently targeted.

Trumps comments do not offend me. I find them distasteful and see the simplistic ideas he shares as easy options but also the wrong option. Its no where near as easy as he makes it out to be. He has dumbed down what he says in an attempt to appeal to the people who don’t want to think that much about what the real issues are. The stigma that Americans are not the smartest cookies is no longer the case when you see people here in New Zealand supporting this mouth breather.

I often wonder if Hillary being a women has anything to do with this. Not the blatant sexism that you’re thinking off, just the fact that we have an idea about what a leader should be and its a strong, alpha male man. Surveys confirm that people feel more secure with a male leader. Hillary has a loud voice, she is aggressive and determined, things society doesn’t enjoy in a women figure. In saying this I don’t think theres anyone better to crush Donald, purely because him and his supporters are so obviously sexist that it would truly be a devastating final blow to be beaten by a woman.


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