Can you punch a Nazi?

I’m sure majority of people who have followed US politics are more than aware that Alt-right founder, neo-Nazi Richard Spencer was punched in the face by someone wearing black bloc. I don’t usually condone violence but what a beautiful thing ABC news in Australia recorded.

So I’ll clarify a few things before I continue on about why force in my opinion is ok to use against neo-Nazis. Richard Spencer is that guy who was in the video released a few days after Trump became president-elect. The video went viral very quickly and features Spencer standing on a stage yelling “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!”. Shortly after this, people in the crowd can be seen chanting and giving a Nazi salute. Spencer is a self described ‘White nationalist’. White nationalism seeks to develop and maintain a white national identity. Its proponents identify with and are attached to the concept of a white nation. Basically there is a lot of white people who think that different races getting rights or opportunities is basically white genocide (it is not).

The man or woman who punched Spencer was wearing black bloc. Black bloc is essentially a tactic used when protesting. The tactic involves wearing black clothing including clothing that covers the face and any body features that could be used to identify the protester. The idea is that if everyone wears this, the police can not competently identify people as everyone looks the same. Mix this with the fact they travel in large groups and it means the tactic is very effective.

So punching Nazis, is it OK? Well the answer to this would usually be no, but when you look over history at other fascist regimes or white nationalist movements, peaceful protesting and logical debate do not work. Liberals in Nazi Germany always tried to correct the Nazi Party and its supporters that their beliefs about the Jewish people were wrong. This didn’t work. Eventually Nazis took out their political competition and the politics of Germany became an issue for the world.

Neo-Nazis, racists, xenophobes, homophobes and sexists all sort off fall into the same category. They don’t care about other people, other peoples feelings or whether what they are saying is factually correct. I guess Kelly Ann Conway said it best when she labelled Trumps beliefs as “alternative facts”. Its a reality that most of us just don’t live in.redskull02

Liberals and progressives have received the title “Snowflake” and will often see the word “Triggered” on social media. Basically the alt-right want Liberals and progressives to support their cause, so basically support, uphold, or perpetuate “imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy”. White patriarchy is the concept of social/political prevalence. Its agenda includes white supremacy and other forms of racism to keep many ethnic and racial groups in their place, religious fundamentalism and prejudice reminiscent of medieval times, inhuman levels of riches and wealth for corporations and rich individuals of the upper and upper middle class (at the expense of the environment and the great majority of the world’s people), total destruction of social welfare programs to the poor, war and imperialism on a global scale, unyielding support for Israel, and above all, a contempt for humanity.

The idea that we can fight violence with words and peaceful protest is not correct. Many white nationalists will not understand how supporting and spreading these white nationalism concepts they are in fact creating a huge divide amongst races. The divide turns to violence. Don’t sit back and think that being logical will get through to a Alt-right supporter or a white nationalist. It won’t.

Lets learn from past white nationalist movements. If the left wants any hope of winning in the future, then force must be used at times.


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