Sounds like Conservatives are the snowflakes but ok.

We’ve known this for a long, long time. Conservatives are sensitive. They tend to get offended by the slightest things.

A baker having to bake a cake for a gay couple or a doctor having to treat a patient who has had an abortion.

These two examples can be explained by saying “they just want religious freedom”. That is until a woman who practices Islam decides she wants to cover her body. This seems to bother conservative snowflakes quite a lot. Muslim refugees (and occasionally Christian refugees) leaving a country western governments helped cause chaos in? You better believe these people get conservatives all fired up. Nothings more offensive than a person trying to seek refuge.

If you think the conservatives who cry wolf only cry about religion, well you’re wrong. Ever been in the stuff comment sections and seen the “there is a maori tv why isn’t there a pakeha tv channel?”. Well, first thing, there is, second images-1thing, how many times must white people be reminded that our ancestors set up our laws, our government, our police force, our media. Is it really that hard to understand why some races and cultures need ‘special treatment’ as they call it. You may be happy and willing to forget about the past, but until everyone feels this way, then it doesn’t matter what you think.

Who cares forget how mad conservatives got when the new ghostbusters movie was announced. 4 women playing the role previously played by 4 men is essentially worse than judgement day for these sorts. Equally over the top outrage followed when black James Bond rumors were doing the rounds on facebook.

What bothers me the most isn’t the fact they call progressives and liberals snowflakes, it’s the fact that this crowd is so easily offended themselves, that it truly is absurd they don’t see it.

One more thing, human rights to minorities are not taking away human rights for other citizens. Also when you get called out for being racist and sexist, its not that we are trying to end your right to freedom of speech, its more the fact we are using ours to all your bigotry out.



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